Sunday, April 12, 2015

Another Great Review by a Reader Who Is Making His Way through the Series!

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        Adam Walker recently reviewed The Valley of Thorns, v.3 of The Labors of Ki'shto'ba Huge-Head. New Review of The Valley of Thorns.  Now he has read his way through v.4, Beneath the Mountain of Heavy Fear, and put up another fine review on Goodreads.  It's short but to the point!  Here it is!

       Once more we follow Ki'shto'ba Huge Head and his companions through their adventures, this time even into the Underworld! In this volume we meet two more of the Companions; both of which are delightfully quirky! Oh and Za'dut continues to get himself and everyone else into all manner of trouble through his too-clever-by-half schemes. I'm really looking forward to seeing what develops as young Is'a'pai'a begins *its* quest entertwined with that of the Huge Head. Lots of good laughs here! Another success of Ms. Taylor and her termites!

       So my only comment is, why aren't more of you reading your way through my absorbing epic series?!!  You're missing out!  Don't be scared -- the big, bad termites don't bite Earthers!

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