Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Two More Five-Star Reviews of The Buried Ship at the End of the World

Title page drawing: Is'a'pai'a Gold-Seeker and its helper Krai'zei
By Shebat Legion on February 6, 2016
There are very few authors who have moved me. Lorinda J Taylor is one of them. To take a story and raise it to the level of excellence as Ms. Taylor has done is applause worthy. The best comparison that I can make, should someone ask, is Frank Herbert's Dune meets Richard Adam's Watership Down but that describes the story not at all. I will not even attempt to describe the plot. It would be doing future readers of the series an injustice, for this is a story so unique, so well written, so truly astounding in its character development and story arch, that to attempt a synopsis is daunting. This is a future classic and I cannot praise the works of Lorinda J. Taylor enough. Five stars.

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By John E. Clifford on March 11, 2016
Even epics have to come to an end. The adventures of Huge-head and his companions is no exception, alas. So, after they are separated from Huge-head and his Rembrancer, his companions continue their quest to its fated conclusion and their story is cleverly reconstructed here' There is an inevitable decline with the tale that focuses on the second generation, as it were, and the telling at a remove by a less gifted Remembrancer. But there is still much action -- though markedly less violence, as the group has learned peaceful ways -- and humor and marvels galore. So, while we are sad to leave this story, it does end satisfactorily for all concerned, with all the prophecy explained at last and everyone in the right place. This is a fitting conclusion to a great series, all that could have been hoped for and wisely blocked from the temptation to go on.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

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