This is me, with photos of myself at 16,
my grandmother at 22 in 1898, and
my mother at approximately 28
I'm a retired librarian who worked in academic libraries as a cataloger and I live in Colorado Springs, CO. Besides my MLS, I have a BA and an MA in English, and some work toward a Ph.D. As a child, I was always making up imaginary worlds , but I didn't start writing fantasy until I read "Lord of the Rings" in 1969 and discovered that even serious scholars like J.R.R. Tolkien can continue to create such worlds far into their adult lives. I never was successful in getting published in those early days, however, and then family considerations forced me to take a hiatus from writing from 1983 until 2000. Since then, I've written a novella and several novels, and have begun to self-publish since I doubt that I can live long enough to go the old-fashioned route!

My interests include almost anything literary, scientific, or speculative -- science fiction and fantasy, mythology, language (I write conlangs for my books), poetry, cosmology, astrophysics, anthropology, archaeology, entomology, ornithology ...
Philosophically, I call myself a spiritual humanist.

Among my favorite authors are Ursula K. LeGuin, Tolkien (of course), Evangeline Walton, and many poets such as Robert Graves and Dylan Thomas.
Here's a drawing of one of my favorite creations. Meet Ki'shto'ba Huge-Head!


  1. Hello. I am amazed and very happy to find your work. I've been working on an epic poem for 16 years. It's my cosmology and view of ecological politics and spirituality. In the narrative, Termites represent humanity.
    I'm looking forward to studying your work: though I just got here in the past few hours, I have some hopes that looking at what you've created might help me finish my own work.

    Best regards,


    1. Nice to meet you, Dave! I have to say I'm not into entomophagy, but I understand that insects are very nutritious! After all, many animals live entirely on insects, and termites feed every creature in Africa. Have you ever eaten them? An epic poem where termites represent humans sounds interesting. My extraterrestrial termites don't represent humans; they are intelligent lifeforms in their own right. They are introduced in the 2 v. novel The Termite Queen. Most readers like my termite people; the book also emphasizes a human lovestory which some people like less (read the reviews). The Labors of Ki'shto'ba Huge-Head is the series that retells epic myths and legends, including the Trojan War in v.1, so you might just want to pitch right in to that series. See my books at http://amzn.to/u9bYWa (Kindle or paperback) or on Smashwords. http://bit.ly/LoekxF