Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm Moving My Conlangs to a New Website!

A standard blog format doesn't really cut it for describing a conlang.  With Blogger the posts disappear into the limbo of the Archives.  I needed something where I can make two sections, one for the termite language Shshi and one for the Bird language !Ka<tá, and I need to be able to structure it more like a treatise or a textbook, with preliminary information that sits first and remains visible.  So I've taken a website with the Language Creation Society:  If you go looking, you'll find there is nothing there yet.  It's a WordPress site, because I'm too uninitiated in the ways of cyberspace to construct my own site, but it should provide better options than this site.  I will gradually be moving the information from here to that site and I will be able to work up !Ka<tá, which I find much more interesting than Shshi, actually.  I've also done some work on the two other Bird languages, Towewa and Gro’at.  Furthermore, later you will learn that there are several other temite language besides Shshi, which I plan to discuss at some point.

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