Friday, January 4, 2013

New FREE Publication: The Blessing of Krozem

Available only from Smashwords
And it's now FREE!
In this fantasy novelette we read about the slate-blue world of Ziraf. In addition to humans, Ziraf’s Dreamers created spirit beings called the Troil, who communicate with and sometimes counsel their mortal companions. The Troi Wagmi suggests to the Headman of Greivat Fastness that he might ask the Zem’l for immortality. But when the Headman approaches the aged Shrine Guardian Gilzara with a request for help in summoning the correct Zem, Gilzara himself is seduced by the idea of immortality, if he might obtain it not only for himself but also for his dying wife. Krozem, the Creator of Humankind, proves to be surprisingly receptive, but things do not turn out quite as planned.               

       I finally finished the cover for this short piece that I wrote way back in the 1970's.  And I'm going to try publishing it only Smashwords for now.  It's too short for a print book - it would be a pamphlet.  And for you Kindle users, a Kindle version is easily downloadable from Smashwords - all you need is to run it through the MobiReader, which isn't that hard to do.  And you can also get a PDF version for any of your computer setups - PC, laptop, tablet, whatever.
       Above is the cover art.  It's not the best thing I ever did, because I'm not good with anything resembling the human figure (even if it's really a spirit being who hasn't got a bone in his body!)
       Also, it appears Blogger has changed their picture upload method.  The picture link won't allow access to one's own Picture file.  I had to put this in a Picasa Web Album before I could access it, and now I can't change the size and I can't add a caption.  You can, however, still click on it to get a larger view.

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