Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Another New Review! The Storm-Wing, This Time!

Adam Walker (my good conlanging buddy) has posted a review of The Storm-Wing over on Goodreads.  He liked it a lot!   Thank you, Adam!  Read the text below.
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       This is the second volume in Ms. Taylor's epic (in every sense of the word!) retelling of the Hercules myths. Perhaps retelling is not quite the right word here. Perhaps resetting would be better. What Ms. Taylor has done, and done very well with great cleverness and whimsy, is to take the epic mythos surrounding Hercules, the Twelve Labors and a number of the other less well-know stories surrounding this most popular of Greek heroes, and recast them in another world with extraterrestrials in all the starring roles.
       Her Shshi are giant, intelligent (and funny!) termite people. So right off you know there will be much adapting of the stories to fit with a completely alien biology. For instance, the warrior caste of the Shshi are, like the warriors of Earthly termites, non-sexed beings, several of Hercules more sexually charged exploits are not appropriate to the biology and culture of the Shshi. Ms. Taylor also takes the liberty of working in retellings of other epic tales of daring-do. This volume includes a very clever retelling of the Beowulf story, which fits perfectly with the surrounding Herculean material.
       If you like well-thought-out extraterrestrial, complete with cool cultures and languages, this book has it. If you enjoy the epic tales of yore, this book has it. If you enjoy humor mixed with your epic battles and fierce single combat, this book has it.
       There are so many reasons to pick this book up, and none to put it down!