Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Five-Star Review of Revenge of the Dead Enemy


 Five Stars to John Clifford for a great review
of v.6 and the whole series!

       This is a review of the whole series, including the the prequel, The Termite Queen.  All of the best of all of the great epics from Ur to Iceland in one smooth flowing story, with a lovable cast of heroes, many of whom play surprising roles once you think you have them pegged from one epic, and a cast of villains both thoroughly detestable and occasionally pitiable. All the themes are here, all the feats, and yet the stories are fresh and exciting. Pretty amazing for a story about a group of intelligent termite of various species, but they are social creatures with all the problems that entails and so super human (termite?) responses are called to meet them. And those efforts have all too human consequences for termites as well. So the epic flows on in a natural (though, for those involved, a foreordained) way from feat to feat. And yet, alas, we end with one path finished but another begun and dropped. I have not yearned for the next step, a new epic built on this, so much since the latest volume of Song of Ice and Fire, more so even than Harry Potter. But it is in the works!

What writer wouldn't relish being compared to
The Song of Fire and Ice?
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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Lorinda - Like John, I've read all the books up to date and look forward to the next one of the series 👍😃

    1. Two of my best fans and supporters! Thanks for stopping by, Chris!