Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Illustration No.4 (4th of a Series)

       Here we get our first glimpse of a Holy Chamber and of a Shshi Mother!  This picture belongs with Chapter 14 ("The Companions Visit the Holy Chamber") of "The War of the Stolen Mother."  The Companions are at the bottom of the picture.  The Mother of Thel'or'ei is named Ei'tha'ma'na'ta and that's her King, Zha'fei'na'sha'ma, who is clinging to her thorax.  Those two, of course, represent Hecuba and Priam.  Note the little Tenders climbing on the Mother's back.  I couldn't resist showing  them scrubbing her with a rag and a bucket!  Thel'or'ei's Remembrancer is the Alate at the left and the one in the middle who seems to be spinning around is the Keeper of the Holy Chamber, obviously distraught.  The Alate in the upper left corner is merely a Light Maker for the Mother.  The pale Alate at the back is Ta'hat'a'pai (Cassandra, no less) and she is pulling back a curtain to show something  she shouldn't -- a stone blocking an exit.  A'bir'zha'tai the Holy Seer is admonishing her.  A'bir'zha'tai fills the role of Laocoön.
       If you want to know what is behind the stone, read the book!
       Again, be sure to click on the image to see it full size.

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