Monday, August 13, 2012

How Do the Posts on This Blog Rank?


On my other blog, Ruminations of a Remembrancer, I've been assessing which posts have been the most viewed and which are deserving of more attention.  This current blog, devoted to the Labors of Ki'shto'ba Huge-Head, has been in existence only since March, when I converted my Conlang blog for that purpose, moving the conlang material to an LCS sponsored website.  Therefore, the present blog has only 23 posts.  Here are the three tops in popularity are (in reverse order):

No. 3: An Addendum on Formatting Kindle Books, which deals with my map and footnote problems, has had 24 views.  No big surprise there -- people seem to be really attracted to "how-to" posts about self-publishing.  What is a surprise, however, is that the preceding post, Problems Formatting Books for Kindle Using Word, to which the Addendum is a follow-up, had had only 9 views!

No. 2: The Legends of Troy, with 31 page views.  That interest pleases me!

No. 3: How to Convert Greek Names into the Shshi Language, with 35 page views.  I'm intrigued that so many people found this topic interesting, especially given the fact that some have complained about my "difficult" or "unpronounceable" names.  I'm wondering if it's mostly my conlanging friends who have viewed it, since this blog is still carried on the Conlang Aggregator.  Anyone who has a quibble about the complexity of my names would do well to read this post. 
       And I just had a revelation!  In that post I discuss the name "Achilles," which means "lipless."  Since termites have no lips, I mentioned that I could have used the name A'zid'wei, which would mean "having no palps" (the appendages around the mouth of an insect), but that just didn't seem very appropriate for a heroic Champion.  Then lately I found the following used as a search term that led somebody to the blog:  have used a zid wei.  I had completely forgetten what I wrote in that post, so I thought, what in the world does that mean?  What is a "zid wei"?  I was trying to make something Chinese out of it, or perhaps some other Asian language!  So now writing this post has enabled me to figure it out!

A couple of other ranking posts are Important Publishing News, a Word on the Myths, and Another Map Is Added, where I announce the publication of Stolen Mother.  It has garnered 18 views.  The post where I try to attract people from various scholarly walks of life has 17 views (Calling All Anthropologists, Entomologists, Mythologists, Folklorists, and Linguists) -- maybe that's hopeful!
Otherwise, nothing has more than 11, but I'm basically satisfied.  The only posts I would like to see attract more interest are the two that discuss the series' nature: The Trilogy Has Evolved into a Series and The Ki'shto'ba Series Has Now Evolved into Six Volumes.  Those are both worth taking another look.

One final word on the pictures that I've been posting.  They haven't attracted scores of views, but the last one grabbed 10 views within a couple of hours of my announcing its post on Twitter, so it seems somebody is interested!


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