Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Illustration No.5 (5th of a Series)

This illustration belongs with Chapter 17 of "Stolen Mother" ("Ki'shto'ba Breaks Its Oath").  Why did our Champion break its oath?  What can Di'fa'kro'mi and the Helpers be thinking, daring to jump from the wall?  Why would A'zhu'lo be fighting off attackers on the parapet before it jumps itself?  What is Ki'shto'ba doing while all this is going on? 

Don't you wish you knew?

This picture illustrates my cop-out method of drawing stone walls -- make a monotone background and draw some intersecting lines to represent the stones. If I had been actually publishing this in a book, I would have probably felt impelled to go back and draw each stone individually as I did with the cover for v.2 of "The Termite Queen."


  1. Sorry, summer has swallowed me up, missed a lot of your posts.

  2. Yes, I'd say you've had a hectic summer, Sandra! What happened to a restful vacation? But my posts are still available, on both blogs!