Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Slight Change of Focus for This Blog

       I set up this blog to promote  "The Labors of Ki'shto'ba Huge-Head" because the series was to include six and maybe seven volumes and I thought a dedicated website was in order.  However, I find there isn't enough to say on the subject unless I want to play the spoiler on the plots (I think I've done enough of that already).  So I'm going to expand the reach of the blog to cover the general use of myth in literature and also to discuss some of my other writings, past and future.  Ruminations of a Remembrancer will focus on literary, linguistic,  and philosophical topics (including book reviews), although I'll continue to comment on my books there when I feel it's warranted.
       In the meantime, I've decided not to post the older version of the Trojan Horse illustration -- it's really not sufficiently well-done.  I do have one more illustration for the "War of the Stolen Mother" that I'll be posting within a day or two.  At that point I got tired of drawing.  I have a few illustrations for v.2, but they are all old ones that are not very good.  If I can find the time and my arm holds out (all that manipulation of the mouse is murder on the hand), I might try to revise some of them or draw some new ones.
       But I WILL have the cover art for v.2 to post.  As I said in a Tweet, it's 99.9 % finished.  The map is also fairly close to being done.
       After I post those two, I plan to get deeper into the theme of myth in literature.  So stay tuned ...

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