Sunday, September 23, 2012

Illustration No. 10 (Tenth of a Series)

       This will be my last illustration for "The War of the Stolen Mother."  It depicts the death of A'bir'zha'tai, who is the Laocoön character.  There's an error in it, unfortunately, which I would have to correct if I ever actually published this.  In the actual myth, Laocoön and his two sons are strangled by two serpents.  And in my own story, I also mention two reptiles attacking A'bir'zha'tai and his two assistant priests.  However, when I went to do the drawing, I forgot there were only two serpents and I showed each of the priests being attacked by a separate serpent, making three in all.  Anyway, I'm not redrawing it just to display here.  I think it's fairly effective if you can get a large enough view of it. 
Click for larger image


  1. well, "error" or not it's still stunning!

    1. Thanks! And thanks for visiting my secondary blog! I would like to get more page views here - maybe I'll use an early post on the Post Resurrection Hop next time! And maybe enlarging the focus (as I discussed in my last post) will help.

  2. You are such an artist Lorinda! Very beautiful illustration.

  3. Oh, gee, thanks! I have no artistic training, but I did get get somewhat proficient with the Word drawing tools, and I learned how to draw termites. It's easy to recycle body parts!